Range Info

Here at Select, we have indoor range space available for all skill levels.  People love our range because it’s climate controlled, well lit, and has easy to pull Solid Rock Targets.

Target and 3-D Leagues as well as tournaments are run year-round.

Our range is 20 yards, with movable targets available to accommodate shorter distances.  During open hours, there are 32 lanes available and 10 of those lanes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our exclusive range membership!

Range time is available for non-members for $7/day.  Regulation target faces provided for in shop use or available for purchase to take home for $0.50 a piece.  Two weeks of range time is included with purchase of any bow (range time only to be used during open hours).  ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN A RELEASE WAIVER BEFORE ANY SHOOTING, NO EXCEPTIONS!  Parental permission required for minors on our MINOR RELEASE WAIVER.

*Range rules below must be followed at all times by all shooters*


Compound and recurve bow rental available for $20 per session.

Range time, arrows, release aids, and targets included in fee.  In order to rent a bow, you must have had a lesson with us within the last year.  See our lessons page to see how you can take a lesson with us!


1.  No broadheads on the range without approval from the staff.
2.  All shooters must shoot from the same yardage line.  NO EXCEPTIONS
3.  All shooters must acknowledge “ALL CLEAR” before retrieving arrows.
4.  Do not shoot the 3D targets unless you are shooting for a league score.
5.  All archers must keep arrows pointed down range at all times.
6.  Archers must not shoot across lanes at other archers targets.
7.  All archers please clean up your mess (including target disposal) on the range.
8.  Once the archer’s arrow leaves the bow the archer is responsible and liable for the    results of its impact.
9.  Archers are responsible for keeping track of their own equipment.   Select Archery is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen equipment.
10. All archers are encouraged to have fun and are expected to respect each other and each others equipment.